Since 1997, as a "Science & Technology Private Enterprise of Guangdong Province", HUASHUN Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. began its career as a professional motor manufacturer in South China with  leading  products  include  Y  Series  motors  and  the derived series motors: covering  YM Series Motors for Wheelhead,  single-phase and three-phase aluminum housing  motors,  YD Series double-speed motors,  etc  which are widely used in a various production lines such as blower, water pump, air compressor,  glass machinery, transmission machinery, automation production line, and so on. We have vacuum paint sprayers, CNC lathes, precision grinding machines, intelligentized testing instrument in addition to high precision dynamic balancing machines in our workshop. We are confident that each motor that comes off the line is well-built with the highest quality components on the market. We are proud to say that each motor goes through rigorous, permanent testing to ensure its quality before delivery.

Covering an area of around 5000 square meters, located in the center of the famous Zhujiang Delta, such a favorable location enables us to provide exceptional quality and high efficiency delivery.The company introduces modern administration mode to the management and always gives trainings to the staff to improve their quality as a way to keep the company developing healthily.

"Our Dedication Your Reputation." is the persistent motto of Farsoon Company.  Today Farsoon achievement is based on very well trained and committed employees, strict demand on technique and raw material as well as bold revolution in technique. That's why we win favor from customers domestic and overseas, new and old.

If you want motors of exceptional quality, HUASHUN is your first choice.